About Deliberate Marketing

For almost twenty years, we have helped companies stay at the forefront of the latest trends in Social Networking through our innovative solutions.

Deliberate Marketing is a full-service Social Media Agency committed to delivering the highest value and ROI to our clients through dedicated support and custom technological solutions.

As a pioneer Social Network Outreach & Marketing firm, Deliberate Marketing has had a hand in the success of prestigious theatrical releases including The Dark Knight Rises, Man Of Steel, The Hobbit, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Iron Man, Indiana Jones, Star Trek and dozens more. Music campaigns we’ve worked on include Katy Perry, Lady Antebellum, The Rolling Stones, Keith Urban and the acclaimed Whiplash and Drive Soundtracks.

Founded in 2002, Deliberate Marketing has been on the forefront of the Social Networking frontier, spearheading & executing social media campaigns for film studios, record labels, independent artists and corporate brands.

We provide strategic and tactical consultation to clients, focusing on creative engagement and interaction on all the major Social platforms with robust fan acquisition. Using proprietary tools like our TwitProGro system, we actively grow social communities and amplify conversation on the network.

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The Deliberate Philosophy

Having to choose between Quality and Quantity is a delusion. We’ve proven it’s possible to deliver the best of both worlds- high-quality engaged and activated fans within social networks on a scale that is measurable and meaningful.

-Tony Harris, 2015

What We Do For You

Deliberate Marketing will turbocharge your social media campaigns, with these innovations in outreach, engagement and content creation.

Featuring Follow Faucet.

Calculated fan acquisition and community building on the Twitter platform through targeted grassroots outreach. Delivery of real, authentic, engaged followers to profiles through our proprietary Follow Faucet tool. Activation of recruited fans through Direct Messaging to spark engagement and amplify conversation. Exponential community growth and reach. Measurable results with scalable impact.

Fan acquisition platform.

Community building on the Instagram platform, harnessing the power of hashtags to find, recruit and activate fans. Meaningful growth through targeted follows, likes and comments.

Other Deliberate Services Include:

Custom Video Creation

Creation of promotional videos using provided key graphic elements. Compiling, editing & embedding of branding materials on the YouTube platform. YouTube Video Upload, Annotations & Channel Management.

Graphics, Micro Websites & Landing Pages

Key Artwork and Content Layout, Alteration and Implementation. Original Graphic Design Elements and integration for your Social Network Community Pages. Campaign & Domain Specific Microsite Design & Coding.

Social Engagement

Fan Community Engagement & Interaction. Grassroots Marketing. Outreach to Targeted Fan Communities. Social Copywriting and Content Calendar Generation. Community Maintenance & Management.

Contests & Sweepstakes

Dynamic and Secure Data Capture and Collection Forms. Custom Sweepstakes Hosting Microsite & Tab Development. Database Management and robust backend support.

Strategy & Consultation

We offer specific direction and advice in your overall social media strategy. We strategize and devise the best approach to spread your message and promote your product. We help craft messaging and position the release for maximum impact.

UGC Moderation & Support

Proactive moderation of Social Conversation streams, ensuring no negative comments appear on front end. Capacity to moderate 1,000’s of pieces of content per week. Management and moderation of User Generated Content campaigns. Support of ThisMoment’s Distributed Engagement Channel platform support. Fan Chatter Stream Moderation and CMS Management.

Proud to have collaborated with many iconic companies, such as…


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Deliberate Case Studies

TwitProGro Case Study (2015)

In summer 2014 we performed a TwitProGro Twitter Fan Acquisition and Conversation Engagement campaign for a Major Studio Theatrical film with a $90 million budget opening on 3,000+ screens. Over the 5 month campaign, we grew the population by 714% through direct daily outreach to targeted fans. We converted 21,000+ new fans directly through our efforts, which out of the 32,000 new fans over the period is a Direct Qualified Conversion rate of 66%– 2 of every 3 Twitter followers came directly from us.

In addition to delivering Quantity, we improved the Quality of the Twitter followers of the title dramatically, dropping the Fake Followers from 18% to 4% and improving the Good Followers- ones likely to engage with and share content- from 40% to 73%. Overall, we delivered a Cost Per Follow of 80 cents, which is significantly lower than through Twitter Ads.

As the result of the Direct Message and Tweet Favoriting components of our TwitProGro campaign, the engagement on the profile was off the charts, as we generated a halo effect from our outreach which caused an additional shockwave of visibility to the profile. Overall, the TwitProGro campaign was an unqualified success.

Paramount Centennial Campaign (2012)

Client: Paramount Pictures

Conceptualized, designed, launched and managed a year-long Facebook program for Paramount Home Media Distribution celebrating the 100 Year Anniversary of Paramount Pictures. We designed, programmed, implemented and launched a pair of Facebook tabs that went up on the Facebook Pages of over 120 films’ pages throughout 2012 for their Centennial Celebration.

One of them was a monthly sweepstakes: We built an age-gated iframe with a Splash page, a custom data capture form and Thank You page. It went on a dozen pages per month, rotating each month to coincide with the monthly theme.

The other tab is a monthly themed tab that incorporates many elements including a poll, CTA to the contest and a drive to Blu-ray/ DVD sales links and Facebook Likes. The Like buttons are dynamic so you can add the pages without leaving the tab. Starting with the May tab, they were redesigned in 810 pixels width to optimize the space provided by Facebook’s shift to Timeline for pages.

Here are the 12 monthly themes:

Results: Over the course of the campaign, we garnered over 1.2 Million Tab Views, got over 57,000 sweepstakes entries, collected over 11,000 emails for the Paramount Newsletter, and received over 9,000 poll votes.

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Client: Warner Bros. Pictures

Management and moderation of 5 different User Generated Content programs for The Dark Knight Rises, including a Video Editing promotion with Chrysler, an In-Theater Augmented Reality Kiosk, an interactive Batmobile Designer and a Fan Map. Screened incoming submissions and managed CMS through the ThisMoment interface.

Results: Moderated over 1,500 UGC submissions to The Dark Knight Rises promotion with Chrysler. Moderated over 11,000 Augmented Reality kiosk submissions, and 9,800 Fan Map and Tumbler submissions.

Julie and Julia (2009)

Client: Sony Pictures

Working directly with the digital marketing team of Sony Pictures, we spearheaded a broad Facebook and Twitter awareness campaign for the film Julie & Julia. We tapped into the movie’s themes with our calculated approach, targeting Foodies, females, dieting, and fans of Meryl Streep, Amy Adams and Julia Child. We used the Twitter platform to spread the word about upcoming screenings, host Twitter chats with cast members, and a “Feed Your Inspiration” promotion.
The scope of our campaign encompassed:

    1. Proactive Twitter follower growing through grassroots outreach
    2. Research and creating a Content Calendar – a summer-long schedule of Julia Child quotes, fun facts and related “bites” of content catered to the targeted audience
    3. Daily Tweeting from @JulieandJulia account, including ReTweeting and @replying fans with food and inspirational messaging to increase engagement
    4. Posting daily status updates to Facebook community at
    5. Designing and implementing a custom Facebook Tab and Twitter background
    6. Uploading and optimizing video clips and other content to Facebook
    7. Sending targeted approved messaging to Foodies about the Julie & Julia Facebook and Twitter profiles within Facebook
    8. Deep Twitter and Facebook tracking and analytics

Results: We engaged fans deeply, amassed 5,500+ Twitter followers for @JulieandJulia and 57,000+ Facebook fans over the course of the campaign. The communities grew exceptionally fast through our dedicated engagement, with our conversion increasing week after week as we built momentum to the film release.

Anolon / Circulon / (2010-2011)

Client: Meyer Cookware

We performed an eight month Social Networking overhaul for the 3 high-end Brands owned by Meyer Cookware. From redesigning all of their profiles to conducting targeted outreach and community building to ongoing engagement and consultation, we provided the Anolon, Circulon and brands with a full-service social media solution that was turn-key, efficient and budget friendly.
The scope of the campaign encompassed:

    1. Redesign and relaunch of Anolon and Circulon YouTube Brand Channels, Twitter profiles and Facebook Pages, including custom iframed landing tabs2. Conducted grassroots outreach on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to targeted fans of cooking and kitchen lifestyles
    3. Oversaw and carried out sophisticated Facebook Social Advertising campaign, microtargeting our audience with customized creative
    4. Engaged converted fans through curated postings on the social communities
    5. Strategized, positioned and launched “Cooking With Anolon” video on YouTube and Vimeo
    6. Strategized launch of Circulon iPad App
    7. Conceptualized and launched contests, sweepstakes and giveaways
    8. Set up product giveaways and promotions at influential cooking and foodie blogs like
    9. Set-up product placement opportunities with 3rd Party companies like

Results: The holistic approach we provided the Anolon, Circulon and brands yeilded impressive returns. We grew the social reach of the brands from less than 100 to 22,000 Fans and Followers over the 8 month span, a TWENTY TWO THOUSAND percent increase. Our YouTube promotion generated over 18,000 video views.

What our clients are saying

  •  I’ve worked with Tony for years on multiple high-profile entertainment projects, and I’m continually impressed with his speed, attention to detail, and willingness to go the extra mile (and then some). As one of the most experienced users of our platform, Tony has proven himself not only an important member of any brand campaign, but also a valued partner for Thismoment.

    Eddie Bautista - Thismoment
  • We hired Tony for some projects with our agency, and have been very pleased with the results. Tony is able to think strategically, while always willing and able to roll up his sleeves to help implement the programs. He has a great ability to create great working relationships within all levels and across multiple disciplines. And of course, Tony has a keen sense of humor. A wonderful man and colleague.

    David Russotto - On3 Media Group
  • We hired Tony first at Paramount Pictures and most recently at MGM. He was a fantastic partner- a true extension of our team. He knows the online communities cold and is a great asset to extend your insights!

    Sara Bordo - MGM Pictures
  • Tony is our designer of choice, he understands our clients and nails the presentations each time, on time!

    Ben Johnson - Gruvi Movies
  • Tony was a stellar consultant and was always on top of deliverables and data analytics. I’ve used Tony on two theatrical campaigns for MGM and would highly recommend his services and expertise for anyone who needs help and insight running a full scale social media campaign.

    Mike McCarver - Relativity Media
  • Over the past 2 years I have worked with Tony on multiple occasions and found him to be nothing but a miracle worker when it comes to bolstering your presence in the social media spectrum. Task oriented, efficient and cost effective – a true triple threat – Deliberate Marketing has proven their worth on a number of our theatrical campaigns. I look forward to continuing our business with Tony and Deliberate Marketing for years to come.

    Josh Lawson - Paramount Pictures
  • Tony is one of the elite online marketing people in the music industry, in my humble opinion. Waxploitation always gets great results from him.

    Jeff Antebi - Waxploitation Aritsts
  • Tony knows his stuff. He is quick, reliable and creative. He’s got terrific energy and is always willing to go the extra mile for my clients. I’d recommend him to anyone looking to break into the online space.

    Scott Meldrum - Pollin8
  • M+B Fine Art has been using Deliberate Marketing for our online invitation distribution and management since 2004. We are very pleased with the results we have gotten from their services and we’ve seen a measurable jump in the responses since we started working with Deliberate.

    Benjamin Trigano - M+B Fine Art Gallery
  • Tony is a marketing GURU and there is a reason for the title “Deliberate”. While operating a highly effective professional company, he also knows how to communicate in a very friendly way which only enhances the effectiveness of his business. I have worked with him to promote his clients on my various shows and websites as well as assisting the process of Market Research.

    Shok - Timeless EnterpriZes

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